Ivy Trimming

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Ivy Trimming


Ivy can be a magnificent feature to your home and garden when maintained correctly, but it can also become a destructive climber when left to grow on its own.

Uncontrolled ivy growth can cause variety of problems including roof and eaves damage, siding, woodwork and brick deterioration, weather proofing and foundation cracks to mention just a few.

Our ivy trimming services include the following:

Ivy trimming - We understand how important and cherished ivy can be. We first obtain detailed instructions on what needs to be done. Our crews come equipped with sheers, saws and safety equipment to reach the most difficult areas, they trim and clear unwanted ivy allowing light to come through your windows again. Roof climbers and soffit growers are removed upon request. Our recommended trim line is usually one foot below eaves level and six inches away from window frames.

Ivy removal - This service involves complete removal of ivy from your building structure and/or fence.

Yard clean up - Ivy, leaves, yard waste, all the things you want gone, we bag for pick up or remove from your property. Please let us know at the time of booking what exactly you want gone.

Tree branch cutting - Trees are beautiful but when left without maintenance for too long, they can pose a real danger. Ice storm, high winds and close proximity to the house or a building require a careful and professional approach! Contact us to take care of unwanted tree branches and to reduce the risk of damage to your property.

Our crews come prepared to assess and remove tree branches that may cause a problem.

Our seven day no nonsense policy

With every cleaning job comes our seven day no nonsense policy. If you are not fully satisfied with our work, let us know within seven days from the work completion, we will make sure to correct the problem, no questions asked!

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