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Window Cleaning Services

We are the window cleaners for your home or business

  • Exterior ground and ladder work

  • Interior and storm removal work

  • Post Construction cleaning

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City dwellers well know about pollution, construction dust, road film, rain stains, pollen and bird bombs.

Our window cleaning crews address these and other problems professionally.

Window cleaning is our specialty, our cleaners come equipped and organized to do every job, big or small!

Eavestrough Services

We are the gutter experts in your neighbourhood

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Call now: 416-638-1920

Eaves need maintenance! They collect leaves, seeds and shingle sand with every gust of wind.

We do eaves cleaning, downspout clearing, eaves repair.

Eavestrough cleaning is a vital service that prevents standing water, drips and overflows, ice buildup and basement flooding.

Our seven day no nonsense policy

With every cleaning job comes our seven day no nonsense policy. If you are not fully satisfied with our work, let us know within seven days from the work completion, we will make sure to correct the problem, no questions asked!

No cost to you!

Your satisfaction is very important to us!

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Professional service


Is your property overgrown with ivy? Are your tree branches giving you trouble? Give us a call.

Our services include ivy trimming, pruning, and shaping to your specifications. We also take care of ivy removal and tree branch cutting.

Contact us to clear your yard of leaves, twigs, and unwanted tree branches.

Professional services

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Need another type of work done around your house?

We have partnered with House & Property Pros to ensure your access to a much greater range of maintenance and repair services

Our Coronavirus Approach

Click here to see what we are doing to protect you, our community, and our staff

Home maintenance is an essential service contributing to your wellbeing.

Property maintenance and cleaning services are essential for protecting you and your home even during this crisis. We offer a wide range of repair services, in addition to regular maintenance and cleaning, designed to keep your property safe. Please speak to our staff about the details.

What we do to protect you, our community, and our staff:

Recognizing the seriousness of the corona-virus pandemic, we have taken the following steps to protect our clients and our staff:

  • Our workers and contractors are instructed to be vaccinated and to use the self assessment tool to ensure your safety

  • We limit personal interaction and avoid close proximity to our clients

    • This means that we will proceed with our scheduled work without speaking to the client face-to-face

    • We highly recommend contacting our office via telephone or email if any questions arise

  • We ask our clients to use e-Transfer or credit card payment options rather than mailing cheques to our office

  • We use an email based invoicing system to minimize potential transfer of germs

  • Most of our office staff is now working from home

  • Our office has been modified to ensure safe and clean work environment

The Government of Canada maintains up-to-date information about the corona-virus pandemic

Please click here to see the government website

We thank you for your support and understanding under these difficult circumstances. While we continue to do our best to work safely, we wish you a safe and healthy stay at home.

We are here for you!

We have been serving the city of Toronto and the GTA for well over 25 years!

Our window cleaners, eavestrough and ivy professionals, and other contractors specialize in each of the services they provide.

Our workers are professional and respectful.

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