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Eaves maintenance service


Eaves are designed to collect water from your roof. In reality they collect leaves, seeds and shingle sand with every gust of wind.

Proper maintenance prevents clog ups, overflows, drips, standing water, ice buildup and many additional problems resulting from such.

Our eavestrough cleaning service includes:

Eaves cleaning & inspection

We remove all leaves, debris, seeds, shingle sand etc. and transfer it into paper bags for pick up by the city. We also check all outlets to ensure proper water flow, inspect the leveling of your eaves, check the nails and brackets. At the end, we produce a written report on the condition of your eaves to advise you of any potential problems. Please see our Service Plan page for regular maintenance discount.

Eaves repair - Many things can go wrong with your eaves; seams can deteriorate, downspouts can crack or become detached, elbows can become clogged which results in drain blockage, leveling may need to be adjusted... these are just a few issues commonly seen in older homes. Our crews are equipped to address these and other problems to ensure proper drainage of water on your property.

Roof inspection

Prevent major, costly problems by having a good look at the condition of your roof! Cracked or missing shingles, missing flashing, deteriorated caulking, animal damage... these are only some of the problems your roof may face. Our crews include former roofing professionals, who will inspect your roof and detect any problem areas to let you know in advance of major expense. Their recommendations can save you thousands of dollars in cost of water damage repairs!

New eaves installation

We also install new eavestrough systems on new homes and replace existing eaves with newly designed materials on older properties. Seamless aluminum eaves is our recommended product backed by manufacturers warranty. Please obtain our free quote for more details.

Downspout disconnection - City of Toronto by-law requires that roof drainage be directed onto the garden rather than into the city sewer system. Our crews are prepared to recommend the best solutions for your property and redirect your downspouts to water your garden.

For more information on downspout disconnection please visit city of Toronto website.

Our seven day no nonsense policy

With every cleaning job comes our seven day no nonsense policy. If you are not fully satisfied with our work, let us know within seven days from the work completion, we will make sure to correct the problem, no questions asked!

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