Why clean them?

Why You Should Get Your Windows Cleaned

There seems to be an endless list of essential chores around the house. Do we sometimes let our window cleaning slide? Or skip it altogether? Our windows are a costly investment, so we want to extend the life of our windows for as long as possible. Here are some reasons we should make sure we regularly clean our windows.

Prevents Film Build-Up

There’s a lot of activity that happens on a daily basis. We’re busy! Sometimes we don’t realize that all the cooking, smoke from candles or other air pollutants can build up on our glass. This build-up or film can actually impact the air quality in your home. Those dirt particles that get stuck on your glass and window tracks can get released back into the air that you're breathing in on a daily basis. The film that builds up can be so gradual, we may not even notice our windows need to be cleaned. However, cleaning them regularly prevents any build-up from materializing and causing costly damage to the windows. Plus, it improves our air quality at home!

Maintains Integrity of Windows

Not only is there a build-up of pollutants inside our house, but there’s a ton of dirt particles that can build up outside. It’s especially important because here in Toronto, we're constantly exposed to different weather elements such as snow, rain or wind. We also get bitter-cold winter months with varying temperatures and humid warm summers. These elements can affect the integrity of our windows. Plus, most of us live near roadways. That means there’s a ton of pollution, acid rain, pollen, and other dirt and debris that can build up on the glass and even enter into the glass pores and eventually corrode the windows. We want to clean all that dirt to maintain the integrity of the windows.

Energy Efficiency

We all want to live in bright and airy spaces! Cleaning our windows and letting all that natural light helps with that. On top of that, regularly cleaning your windows can help with energy efficiency. Natural Resources Canada says that windows can be the source of up to 25% of energy loss. Along with investing in energy-saving windows, cleaning your windows regularly can help lower energy loss and save you money on your bills! 

Allergies & Air Quality

Are you prone to allergies? If so, you know how brutal spring and summer can be. The dirt, pollutants, dust and allergens you see sitting on your windows and windowsills are just a small bit of all the particles and allergens affecting your air quality. These particles can worsen your allergies and negatively affect your air quality. 

Due to the excessive moisture we receive here in Toronto, our windowsills may have hidden mould. This can cause you to have a runny nose, cough, headache or other issues.