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Current PROMOS

  • Combined service PROMOS:

Book and Exterior window cleaning and Eavestrough Inspection & Clearing at the same time and receive:
10% OFF the Eaves Inspection & Clearing

This offer ends on August 31st

Combine our Eavestrough Inspection & Clearing service together with our Professional Roof Inspection

This offer ends on August 31st
  • Gift Certificates now available

Purchase a gift certificate for your family, friends or neighbours.

Gift certificates are sent to you or an email of your choice upon your purchase

Our most popular PRESTO Service Plan

Loved by many homeowners, this plan includes:

  • Exterior window cleaning done in March, July and November (3 times a year)

  • Eavestrough cleaning and inspection service done in March and November (2 times a year)

It ensures clean windows year round and allows for proper maintenance of your eaves.

When prepaid, it saves you up to 20% in cost of service and ensures worry free scheduling in the most busy season of the year.

With our Presto Service Plan the following discounts apply: Exterior window cleaning - 10% off in March, July, and NovemberEavestrough cleaning & inspection - March 20% off, November 5% off

Annual Eaves Maintenance Plan

This plan, recommended for homes in mature, treed neighbourhoods includes:

  • Eavestrough inspection and clearing service done in March, July and November (3 times a year)

It ensures superior maintenance of your eavestrough system, preventing many problems resulting from rain water damage.

When prepaid, it saves you up to 15% in cost of service and ensures your service priority!

With our Annual Eaves Maintenance Plan the following discounts apply: Eavestrough cleaning & inspection - March and July 15% off, November 5% off

Custom Service Plans

Our recommendations aside, homeowners can best determine the maintenance needs for their home. Knowing that, we offer custom service plans for the following services:

  • window cleaning (exterior and interior)

  • eavestrough cleaning and maintenance

  • roof inspection

  • ivy trimming

  • leaves collection and yard cleanup

Take advantage of the savings we offer!

Use our Service Booking form to set up your own Custom Service Plan or Contact us to have our client service specialist do it for you.

Special offer rules:

Our Service Plans, promotions and specials offer discounts as compared with the "listed prices", quoted regularly. "Listed prices" are available upon request. We can only apply one type of discount at a time. All discounts must be applied at the time of initial booking. Prices cannot be reduced after job completion.

Our seven day no nonsense policy

With every cleaning job comes our seven day no nonsense policy. If you are not fully satisfied with our work, let us know within seven days from the work completion, we will make sure to correct the problem, no questions asked!

No cost to you!

Your satisfaction is very important to us!